Hardware and software requirements

According to your IT environment, you may experience difficulties. Please let us know  (using either email or the message board). We will do everything to help you out.

Hardware, Internet access

  1. Mac (OS X 10.8 and up) and PC (Windows 7) were tested and can be used to perform the tests. XP will not work.
  2. Mobile devices (ipad, iphone) need a good WIFI or a 3G connexion.
  3. The test may not work with low quality Internet connexions.


The following navigators (the latest versions available) have been tested. In order of preference:

  1. Google Chrome on Mac and PC: no problems detected
  2. Safari (7.0 and up) on Mac and PC
  3. Explorer (current version) on PC/windows 7 and up: not fully tested
  4. Opera (11.61) on Mac: videos/pdf must be downloaded
  5. Firefox (32.0 and up) on Mac and PC: slow, videos/pdf must be downloaded

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