How to grade motility ?

The EQC test will present you short video sequences of live spermatozoa. You can use a built in counter to score sperm motility or use your local device.Results should be expressed as percentages. 

Sperm motility classes

The classification of motility corresponds to that of the WHO (1999).

Parameters           Movement and speed charecterisrics
Immotile no movement
Motile with no progression all patterns of motility with an absence of progression, e.g. swimming in small circles, the flagellar force hardly displacing the head, or when only a flagellar beat can be observed.
Slow forward progression permatozoa moving slowly, either linearly or in a large circle,with a speed of < 25 µm/sec
Rapid forward progression spermatozoa moving actively, either linearly or in a large circle, with a speed of >25 µm/sec